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If you want a great local company to build your limestone wall, pool fence, boundary fence or something even more creative, the team at RAG Limestone (led by Marcus – with the great looks) will get the job done for you!

We here at RAG Limestone are fast, reliable and take great pride in our work, which means you get a limestone creation that you will absolutely love.

Whether it’s residential limestone fencing or commercial retaining walls – or simply a fence to keep the wabbits out – we can do the lot.

We will even take care of the Shire & Engineering requirements for your job!

Call Marcus on 0417 102 764 for a quote and to find out more!

Marcus Aurelius

Our Services

We provide the building, construction and design of:

  • Limestone walls,
  • Retaining walls,
  • Mass Retaining Walls (MRW),
  • Soil Stabilised
  • Segmental Retaining Walls (SRW)

We also have contractors that do:

  • Paving
  • Poured Limestone
  • Polished Aggregate Concrete

Need Bobcat Hire or Site Works?
We have multiple sized bobcats for various purposes, and can provide:

  • Demolition & Site works
  • Swimming Pool Hole Digs
  • Block Clearing
  • Driveway & Artificial Turf Preparation

Helpful Facts

Limestone blocks come in two styles, Plain and Bevelled.

Plain Limestone Block

Plain Limestone Block

Bevelled Limestone Block

bevelled limestone block


You can choose either the Plain or Bevelled Limestone Block and this will not affect the price structure.  What does change the pricing is the size of the block.  The two largest size blocks are: 

500 mm x 240 mm x 350 mm


1 metre x 350 mm x 350 mm

The size that you choose will depend on the job that you are having completed.

There are also smaller blocks available but these tend to be more expensive per linear metre due to the increased labour costs. You would use the smaller blocks for various purposes such as garden bed borders.

500 mm Limestone Block

Limestone Block 500mm

1 metre Limestone Block

Limestone Block 1 metre

About Us

We’ve been in the business building fabulous limestone walls and fencing for over 15 years. The best thing about the job (apart from people admiring my radiant good looks) is the great satisfaction in seeing the results of the work we do.

We love that each job has its own quirks and we like being able to add value to your property.

Job satisfaction comes from working with great people and giving them a creation that they love – also, we have lots of laughs along the way.


Contact Us

Fantastic Workmanship. So easy working with Marc. He provided a very competitive quote, beautiful product and lots of laughs! Thank you again.

Great service, builds a beautiful wall – also did some stairs for my place. Very happy with the work.